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MyGRID Network | MeterNet Energy Center


MeterNet Secure Blockchain Grid Solutions

  • Commercial Grade Socket Meters + Revenue Certified Sub-Meters
  • Tailored & Integrated w/ MeterNet Energy Center Platform Network
  • Blockchain Power Ledger measures & tracks generation + useage
  • IPP merchant accounts, system-generated service invoices and process traditional
    Credit, Debit & ACH payments with paperless billing, subscriptions, remote digital
    signatures, multi-user multi-location reporting and more

Professional Bundle Targets

  • MicroGrids, NanoGrids
  • Energy Co-ops
  • Independent Power Providers (IPP)
  • Campuses – Research, Education, Military
  • Community Choice Aggregators (CCA)

MeterNet Division
Online Support: Twitter “@MyGrid_MT”
Order Desk 562-883-0310 |  sales@bcmeter.us

Registered Address:   1621 Central Ave, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001
LA Agency Office:       One World Trade Center 8th Floor Long Beach, CA
Japan Agency Office: SunLife Nishi-Yokohama #1007, Yokohama, Japan

FLEET EV Division  http://FleetEV.us

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PLEASE NOTE: Sorry for confusion, MeterNet | MSBG is not related in any form or way to MeternetUSA in Fallbrook, California (800)985-1179. Our domain Meternet.com was Registered in 1996 and their meternetusa.com domain was registered in 2006.